Elan, the Slovenian ski brand, is launching an online retailing service to support sales for this winter season in the German, Austrian and Slovenian markets – preferably through retailers. The idea is to offer the entire range to customers in these markets at standard prices. The sale should be closed by a retailer who carries the required product, and Elan will only step in if none of its retail partners nearby are prepared to deliver. Even in this case, Elan says it would encourage the customer to pick up the product at the retail location, to get the bindings properly mounted and adjusted. The buyers can still opt for home delivery. The online platform should thus provide customers with access to the entire range, while adding to the sales of retail partners and to their in-store traffic – without risks from added inventories for the dealers. Elan previously had an online facility with a small range for Slovenian customers. The group says it has no plans to launch the online platform in any other markets for the time being.