Amanda Rajkumar, a 48-year-old British national with 24 years of experience in human relations at other global organizations, is taking the place of Karen Parkin at the Adidas Group as the executive board member in charge of global human relations, overseeing a staff of nearly 60,000 people. She will be the only woman again on Adidas’ six-member executive board. Rajkumar started her professional career in 1993 as a research psychologist, and she spent the last 11 years with BNP Paribas in the U.K. and the U.S., serving most recently as the bank’s head of human resources for the Americas region. Prior to that, she worked for JP Morgan for almost a decade in various senior HR positions. Thomas Rabe, the recently elected chairman of Adidas’ supervisory board, mentioned “her profound understanding of people care and inclusion.” Kasper Rorsted, chief executive of the group, said that her appointment will help make Adidas “a truly diverse, inclusive, people driven and equitable company.” Rajkumar’s predecessor stepped down on June 30, after 23 years with the company, due apparently to her failure to properly address allegations by U.S. employees that she was not doing a good job combating racial discrimination.