The Brav Group – the Norwegian-based owner of the Swix, Toko, Lundhags, Ulvang, Helsport and Hard Rocx brands – resorted to video conferencing this spring to start implementing a reorganization at the height of the Covid-19 quarantines. Leading the charge was the company’s new chief executive, Espen Falck Engelstad, who was instated with redefined, overarching duties on March 1. Brav’s subsidiaries, which previously had their own management and set their own agendas, will now be following a single strategy set by the central management. The previous CEO, Henrik Ottosson, was also the head of Lundhags. In June, shortly after Engelstad’s accession, he became Brav’s sales manager for new markets, and will now be working with all of the group’s brands. Ottosson had been CEO of Lundhags for two years when, in 2012, the brand was acquired by the Swix Sport Group., which was rebranded as Brav Group two years ago. In addition, Patrik Strand, Brav’s sales manager for Sweden, has been appointed to the administrative post of legal representative for Brav Sweden. As stated in a press release, the company’s objectives are to reduce costs, boost its skills in digital matters and strengthen global distribution. It has cut an unspecified number of jobs and is now recruiting staff with a “strong focus on digital competence.”