Mathias Boenke, who has been one of the pillars of the Intersport organization in Germany, Austria and other countries since 2014, will leave it after his current contract expires in 2021 to look for opportunities elsewhere. Boenke informed Intersport Germany’s supervisory board about his decision after the completion of the first phase of a “Best in Sports” project that he has been coordinating to reposition the banner in the market as an attractive multi-channel retailer. His successor has not yet been named. Boenke has been one of the three members of Intersport Germany’s executive board since October 2018, covering also the group’s operations in Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. He is also the representative of Intersport Germany in the board of management of Intersport International Corporation. Boenke joined Intersport in 2014, running successfully the Austrian subsidiary of Intersport Germany and expanding it before moving to the group’s head office in Heilbronn. He previously worked for an Austrian lingerie producer, Huber Holding, as chief sales and marketing officer.