Pentland Brands will be shifting Kev McFadyen from brand director of Berghaus to global brand director of Speedo in January. McFadyen, who assumed his Berghaus post when he was hired by Pentland in 2018, will remain on the brand’s advisory board, alongside Sir Chris Bonington and Leo HouldingNadine Thompson, commercial director for Berghaus and Endura, and Paul Anderton, head of category for Berghaus, will be taking charge of the brand until a permanent replacement is found for McFayden. At Speedo, McFayden will be replacing Rob Hicking, Speedo’s former chief financial officer, who became brand director in 2017. McFadyen began his career in distribution with Red Bull before becoming the U.K. country manager for Brandbeat’s mySmoothie, an experiential & account director for Cream, national activation manager for Lion beer, senior customer marketing manager for Carlton & United Breweries and, finally, marketing manager at O2, Telefónica’s branch in the U.K. He is also an advisor to the board of software developer Crowd Reactive.