Justifying the introduction of a new sales structure with a shift to a “channel-driven approach” rather than a geographical basis under the management of Christoph Engl, the Oberalp Group has announced that Stefan Rainer will become its chief sales office on Oct. 1. Rainer, who has been the general manager of Salewa for many years, will manage all the sales channels for the group’s brands of mountain products – Salewa as well as Dynafit, Wild Country, Pomoca and Evolv.

Also on Oct. 1, Marco Busa will replace Rainer as Salewa’s general manager. He was previously responsible for the entire sales business in the Italian market.

Rainer will oversee a team of managers consisting of Oberalp’s wholesale director, Alberto Ferrin; the online sales director, Thomas Reinel, who previously worked for Adidas; the retail director, Gianluca Coneglian; and the customer service director, Alessandro La Blunda.

Oberalp had already started to move away from a geographical structure in 2016 under its previous CEO, Massimo Baratto, when it set up a “Central Europe” region, eliminating the position of country manager in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The unit was initially headed up by the group’s former country manager for Austria, Christoph Mannel, but he then left the company and was replaced in March 2018 by Axel Brosch, who came from Oakley.

Engl took the place of Baratto two years ago. The position of chief sales officer had been filled before at Oberalp by an outsider, Claes Broqvist, formerly sales director for Odlo Sportswear, between January 2018 and July 2019, when he left the company.