The South Korean subsidiary of Fila headed by Gene Yoon as chief executive will be listing its shares on the Korea Exchange this September. The company will sell 3.25 million of its 8.567 million shares, or 38 percent. The per share price in the IPO, being underwritten by lead manager Samsung Securities, has not yet been disclosed.

The Korean Exchange reported that Fila Korea generated a net profit of 17.2 billion won (€11.7m-$14.5m) on sales of KRW 357.4 billion (€243.9m-$300.5m) last year. Fila has for years run a highly profitable business in Korea under Yoon with some 300 franchised stores. Yoon bought the business from Cerberus, the private equity fund. He kept the Asian operation and the U.S. market and licensed the brand in Europe in order to pay down the debt financing provided by Samsung. The company struck a joint venture agreement with China’s Anta Sports last year, as part of its effort to expand the brand’s presence in that country.

Meanwhile, there came word that Barclays Ventures, which joined India’s Batra Group to sponsor a management-led buyout of Fila’s separate EMEA operations in 2008 for €86 million from Yoon, is putting the business on the block. There are reportedly several interested parties considering the purchase.

Fila Europe had stable revenues of €130 million in 2009, without including about €60 million worth of sales under license. Fila’s sales in the U.K. continued to increase, reaching a level equivalent to about €35 million. A major clean-up of the distribution in Italy and other markets caused some sales losses, but they were made up by new distribution agreements in Turkey and Serbia, among others.