A major fire broke out at Vaude's headquarters, in the German town of Tettnang, on the night of April 27. The fire was caused by lightning, which struck the roof of the production facilities during a severe thunderstorm in the area. No one was injured.

The fire department was reportedly on site within minutes, and some 70 firemen managed to extinguish the fire quickly. Nonetheless, the fire was still able to spread throughout the entire roof, causing substantial damage to the production facilities and the corporate kindergarten. The administrative building and the warehouse were not affected.

The plant is currently off-duty. The producer of mountain sports equipment said, however, that deliveries of main orders are not going to be affected by the incident, although it asked retailers to be patient with short-term orders for bike bags, which are usually expected to be delivered from one day to the next. The remaining operations at Vaude will continue as usual, and new premises for the kindergarten have already been found.