Sport 2000 Deutschland reports a sales increase at retail prices of 4.3 percent to €1.55 billion in 2012 compared with the previous year. The figures are for German retailers alone and exclude affiliated retailers in Switzerland. The increase is in line with the average increase of 4 percent over the past six years.

On the other hand, the revenues of the central organization decreased by 3.8 percent. Andreas Rudolf, managing director of Sport 2000, explains that the member shops were busy keeping their orders low and minimizing their own inventories. At the end of 2012 the retailers of Sport 2000 ran nearly 1,100 points of sale.

There were several driving forces behind the healthy development, including the satisfactory sales of rocker skis in spite of a difficult winter season in the country. The group has been working on the promotion of that type of skis for four years now and seems to be getting rewarded now. According to the group's management, the rockers have been accepted in the race category. Additionally, the trend toward ski rentals and the related decrease in ski purchases by consumers could be partly offset by stronger sales of ski boots.

Sport 2000 has expanded its offer of new services, which helped to boost revenues. Besides the systematic revamp of the stores applying Sport 2000's corporate identity, the headquarters has managed to convince 104 retailers (as of Dec. 31) to adopt the “Freetail” purchasing concept, which aims to motivate retailers to work closer together with the headquarters and to follow the latter's guidelines to buy suggested packages without giving up the individuality of the shops' assortments.

Evolution of Sport 2000 in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (as of Dec. 1, 2012)





Retail turnover before VAT in euros

375.0 Mio.

377.0 Mio.

382.5 Mio.

Affiliated retailers




Points of sale




Nb of employees (shops)




Nb of employees (headquarters)




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The annual ranking of preferred brands at affiliated stores did not come with big surprises: Adidas and Nike led the list as always, followed by a Nos. 3 and 4 Puma and Asics, respectively. Their comeback is due to Jack Wolfskin's drop down to rank 5 since the outdoor brand has been suffering from a sort of oversupply in its home market. The winners on the list last year were The North Face, which moved from rank 18 to 15, and Campagnolo, the Italian brand of sportswear, jumping from 23 to 18.