Globe International said it was acquiring 50 percent of Salty Crew, a Californian apparel brand specializing in surfing, fishing, diving and sailing products. As part of the deal, which should become effective in January 2017, Globe is to assume operational and financial functions for the brand, while key managers will continue and expand their functions with Salty Crew. The brand will maintain a design, sales and marketing office in San Diego, while backroom operations and support functions will be run from Globe's head offices in California, Australia and France. Salty Crew was launched just two years ago and will thus gain access to Globe's international infrastructure. Distribution, finance, production, systems and customer service will all be transferred to Globe, leaving Salty Crew's team to focus on brand development, marketing and sales. Globe's chief executive said at its annual general meeting a few days ago that Salty Crew would help the company to diversify in the North American region, in terms of brand and product categories. Along with the restructuring that has taken place in North America, the tie-up with Salty Crew represents the execution of the group's stated strategy to add diverse brands to the North American operating platform, he added. Furthermore, he said Salty Crew is a young brand with potential in other markets, particularly in Europe, as that division wants to broaden its brand mix beyond current operations.