After recording increases in the previous two years, Hervis Sport reported stable sales of €520 million in 2018 from the previous year. The number of stores across various countries grew by 7 percent and their total sales area rose by 4 percent to 205,000 square meters.

The Austrian-based sports subsidiary of the Spar food retailing group had a total of 225 stores at the end of 2018, after opening 15 new units in the course of the year. Of these, 101 were operating in Austria and the others in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany. In 2017, Hervis had raised the total number of its stores from 200 to 210.

In Austria, the company's domestic market, Hervis opened seven new stores in 2018. In Germany, where Hervis currently operates ten stores, the chain plans to open a new store in Kempten next month. 

The Spar food retailing group reported an increase in its total sales by 4.7 percent to €15.1 billion for 2018. Online sales accounted for 5 percent of the group's total revenues.

According to various Austrian media, the management of Spar explained Hervis' stable sales by citing fierce competition from online retailers as well from XXL Sports and Decathlon, which have entered the Austrian market with aggressive price promotions. XXL reported sales of €37 million in Austria for 2018. Decathlon started to operate in the country in August.