The Hohenstein Institute, which is located in Bönnigheim, Germany, is rebranding itself to go beyond its reputation as a research and testing institute and become a world-respected provider of specialized services related to textiles. The institute will use the brand “Hohenstein” as an umbrella for all of its products and has redesigned its logo to be language-neutral.

As part of the move, the Material Testing Department at the institute has been renamed as the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute GmbH & Company, with Lutz Seifert as managing director. The scientific operations will continue to be, as before, under Siegfried Glander, who now acts as chief operating officer of the newly created firm. Hohenstein operates 19 subsidiaries in 16 countries worldwide.

Among the responsibilities of the institute will be classic materials testing, the testing and certification of textiles in accordance with the Oeke-Tex Standard 100, and testing of personal protective equipment and feathers and down. It will also inspect and audit production sites in major textile manufacturing countries.

The changes were made with the goal of forming operatively and independently acting company divisions for services that objectively belong together, as a way to more quickly respond to customer demand and market developments.

In addition, the institute has been accredited by the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission as an independent laboratory that can test for lead in toys and textiles for children under 12.