In contrast with Puma's strong results (see the details in separate articles in this issue), Volcom and the rest of Kering's Sport & Lifestyle division continued to suffer. The division's Other Brands segment recorded a 4.7 percent decline in revenues to €230.2 million, including a drop of 3.2 percent on a comparable basis last year. On the other hand, the segment improved its profitability by 102.9 percent, reporting a small operating profit of around €100,000. As a result, the entire division raised its turnover by 12.8 percent to €4,382 million in 2017 and its recurrent operating margin improved by 2.4 percentage points to 5.6 percent. Driven by Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, the group's Luxury Goods division saw its sales jump by 27.5 percent to €10.79 billion, leading Kering to book a 25.0 percent increase in total revenues to €15.48 billion. Operating earnings rose at group level by 56.3 percent to €2,948.0 million and net earnings increased by 56.2 percent to €2,001.8 million.