Indian newspapers have reported that more than 150 retail franchisees running Reebok mono-brand stores in India held a virulent demonstration in New Delhi earlier this week. They vented their anger about the measures taken by the Adidas Group to alter its relationship with Reebok franchises, which should lead to a radical reduction in the number of Reebok stores, as a means to improve the group's profits in India. The angry franchisees, mostly from northern states, are demanding that the group pay compensation for their investment losses, estimated at 500 to 600 crore rupees (€70.8m to €85.0m-$92.9m to $111.5m). The Adidas Group has reportedly asked Reebok franchisees that do not want to adopt the new business model by next year to start clearing their inventories, ahead of a shutdown in November. The group offered to buy the remaining inventories but only at only 10 percent of the wholesale price. Investigations are still pending into alleged irregularities committed at Reebok India.