Intel Corp. provided a first look at a new concept in smart sports eyewear in collaboration with Oakley, called “Radar Pace.” It is based on a voice-activated, real-time coaching system for runners and cyclists, designed to provide instant feedback and analytics to track their progress and improve their performance. The information captured through sensors and transmitted by the system's virtual coach to the wearer through earphones attached to the temples of the glasses, so he or she can keep the eyes on the road. The prototype was presented at the CES, featuring a video and an interview with Craig Alexander, the Australian three-time Ironman champion. The commercial introduction is expected at the end of this year. It is the first fruit of a multi-year R&D collaboration between Intel and Oakley's parent company, Luxottica, that was announced at the end of 2014. Luxottica is also working together with Google for the further development of Google Glass outside the sport segment.