Internetstores, a subsidiary of Signa Sports United, recorded total sales of €373 million in 2019. The online retailer reported that its sales increased by 30 percent over the past three years. This online retail platform for bike and outdoor products, which owns the, Brügelmann, Bikester, Probikeshop, Campz and Addnature online stores, aims to grow by another 20 percent in 2020. Internetstores plans to develop its online stores and its storage in the next few years and to find 85 new service partners for, which is no longer a pure online retailer. Since 2018, Internetstores opened physical stores in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Dortmund and set up a network with local and mobile service partners. Internetstores shipped out more than 200,000 bikes and over 3.8 million parcels with more than 9 million items like bike accessories, sporting goods apparel and outdoor equipment, from its six logistic centers in Germany. E-bikes already account for 40 percent of the total turnover of the bike segment. Internetstores, which was acquired by Signa in 2016, manages more than 40 online stores in 14 different countries. It offers more than 100,000 products from 900 brands, including Internetstores’ private brands like Ortler, Serious, FixieInc. and Votec. The company employs more than 700 people in Stuttgart, Esslingen, Berlin, Lyon and Stockholm.