The new management of the Intersport France group has laid out a new business plan intended to raise its market share from 13 to 20 percent in the next four years. In the mountain resorts, it wants to grow from 20 to 25 percent of the market, but the cooperative wants to gain market share also in the rest of the country, where Décathlon remains the biggest factor.

The plan would involve annual sales increases of 10 percent at retail level, pushing the total turnover to at least €1.8 billion by 2015, up from €1.23 million in 2010. The expansion is expected to take place mainly through the opening of new stores, stronger marketing and deeper relations with the brands. Intersport also hopes to take advantage of the present weakness of Sport 2000 in France to annex new retail members.

Last year, the group's retail sales grew by 7.2 percent, with a remarkable increase of 5.1 percent on a comparable store basis. The total number of affiliated stores went up by 27 to 575 doors, but 31 or 32 more stores are in the pipeline for this year, representing an addition of 42,000 square meters and extra annual sales of at least €100 million.

The new plan was outlined by François Bouche, who has been secretary general of Intersport France for the last eight months, at a convention in Istanbul where one of the retail members, Jacky Rihouet, was confirmed as president of the cooperative along with the incumbent vice president, Philippe Seron. A second vice president, Jean Tapie, was elected at the meeting.