Michael Jordan has won another victory in its legal battle with Qiaodan Sports, a Chinese sports apparel brand based in Fujian, obtaining an award of 300,000 renminbi (€38,000-$46,300) for “emotional” damages and RMB 50,000 for associated legal expenses. Early last year, China’s Supreme People’s Court had issued a final decision in an eight-year-old dispute between the two parties, overturning the verdicts of two other courts and banning Qiaodan from using the name. The name Qiao Dan has the same characters as Jordan in Chinese, and the company has been using a silhouette similar to that of the famous Jumpman in its logo. It had registered the name and other Jordan-related marks over a decade ago, building its sportswear business upon the basketball champion’s popularity in the country. In 2016, a Chinese court ruled in Jordan’s favor with regard to the marks, but allowed Qiaodan to continue to use his name written in Chinese characters. Last year’s Supreme Court ruling specified that it must disclose that there is no connection with Jordan when it uses some of the related marks.