The European Commission is sounding out companies involved in the sale and distribution of consumer goods and their trade associations to provide input for the reform of a set of guidelines governing dealings between suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. First issued in 2010 and called the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation – or VBER for short – it will be revised and adopted by the EU in May 2022. To this end, the Commission has given all stakeholders time until March 26 to answer a rather legalistic questionnaire of 40 pages on important topics such as exceptions for dual distribution, active sales restrictions, indirect restrictions on online sales, party obligations, resale price maintenance, non-compete obligations, sustainability agreements and the impact of Covid-19. The European Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) is currently working on a draft answer that would be submitted for comments and approval in early February on behalf of the industry. In the meantime, individual companies are invited to answer the questionnaire directly or to share their preliminary comments with FESI. The Commission plans to make a regulatory proposal by mid-2021.