The French government is expected to announce tomorrow that cable cars and other ski facilities will not open until Feb. 1 at the earliest, or even throughout the month of February,because of the continued high level of coronavirus contaminations. They have been shut down for the general public since Dec. 4, leading to a 70 percent drop in bookings in the ski resorts for the season as compared to the same 2019/20 period. Hotels and restaurants should remain closed. The country is already under a tighter curfew, restricting the movement of people outside their homes after 6 PM, compared with a previous deadline of 8 PM. This goes also for all retail stores, which remain open the rest of the time until further notice.

In contrast with Austria, Switzerland and Spain, where most of the ski facilities are still open, the Italian government has taken a position similar to the French one. Italy’s ski facilities were supposed to open again on Jan. 18, but they are going to remain closed at least until Feb. 15. On the other hand, sporting goods stores located outside the shopping centers have been exempted from a generalized retail lockdown for the sale of non-essential products