German legislation that imposes new limits on the opening of schools and non-essential retail stores, including sports shops, passed the Senate on Thursday, April 22. Already approved by the lower house of the German Parliament, the bill became law on Friday after being signed by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Stretching their possible lockdown period until June 30, it allows non-essential stores to offer Click & Meet services with a rapid Covid test in cities and counties where less than 100 out of 10,000 residents are infected for seven days in a row. The limit for Click-and-Collect services is set at 150 per 10,000 residents.

As previously reported, Intersport and other sports and fashion retailers are threatening to take the issue all the way up to the Constitutional Court, feeling that they are being unjustly discriminated against florists and bookshops, which are allowed to stay open, as well as discount food retailers that sell their products on the side. ANWR Schuh, Engelhorn and Rose Bikes are also supporting the planned legal complaint, which has already been examined by legal experts.

 In France, sporting goods and fashion products are not allowed to be offered for sales in supermarkets, hypermarkets and similar stores. On the other hand, all the major retailers’ associations and the heads of 150 important companies have pleaded jointly for a re-opening of all non-essential retail stores by May 10 at the latest, irrespective of the degree of contamination, to “save” the current sales season. Here also, bookstores and flower shops are allowed to continue to operate, along with hairdressers, but some 150,000 stores are closed since April 3, and many of them since the beginning of March.

The French government indicated on April 22 that some stores may be allowed to re-open in mid-May, depending on the health situation, possibly with local restrictions, judging that “the peak of the third wave is behind us.”