A New York federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction against the Goat Group in response to a complaint by Goat Fashion, a London-based label of women’s and children’s clothing founded in 2001, asking it to stop selling apparel on its sneaker-focused marketplace. The court agreed that consumer confusion about the two names could lead to irreparable reputational damage for the British company, which launched e-commerce in 2012. The parent company of the U.S.-based Goat Group, 1661, had reached a consent agreement with the U.K. company in 2017 over the use of the name that excluded the sale of fashion clothing or accessories on the goat.com marketplace. However, the latter added the apparel category in October 2019, precipitating the dispute. The two parties have been trying to negotiate a settlement since then. As previously reported, the Goat Group has just closed a new $100 million round of financing. A look at its website now indicates that it is only selling shoes, while displaying clothing for style coordination purposes