Google has been told by the anti-trust authorities of the European Commission that they might endorse its proposed $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit, according to an exclusive Reuters report, as long as it pledges not to use the latter’s health and wellness data for its online advertising and search engine operations. The takeover, which would be carried out by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, would allow it to compete better with the Apple Watch and similar products in the wearables market. According to Reuters, the Commission has given Google a deadline of July 13 to offer this concession, which would avoid triggering a decision to launch a full-scale investigation on July 20. The U.S. Justice Department is reviewing the deal separately, but reports indicate that it may be coordinating its action with the European Commission. Australia’s competition authority is reviewing the deal, too, with a verdict schuled for Aug. 13. Fitbit is entitled to a break-up fee of $250 million if the takeover deal cannot be consummated.