After a consultation with the state governments, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Jan. 5 that a nationwide retail lockdown for the sale of non-essential goods will be prolonged until Jan. 31 because of the ongoing high level of contaminations from the Covid-19 virus. It started on Dec. 16 and was originally supposed to end on Jan. 10. According to Textilwirtschaft, at least one major sporting goods retailer reacted by announcing that it will open its five Intersport stores in Bavaria on Monday, Jan. 11 irrespective of the ban, but then he told the Bavarian radio that it will keep them closed after all. He was happy to draw attention to the dramatic situation created by the extended lockdown. The retailer, Udo Siebzehnrübl, had invited the media to witness the reaction of governmental authorities at his stores, located in Altötting, Pasing, Passau, Riem and Rosenheim. He told TW that he could not possibly compete with Amazon or with the cheap sporting goods offerings in Aldi supermarkets, which have remained open. He noted that its company’s sales over the internet represented only 10 percent of its turnover last year, not enough to compensate for the sales lost in its physical stores during the spring and autumn lockdowns.