The new Accademia Creativi Montebelluna (Montebelluna Creative Academy) brings together designers and professionals from the footwear and sporting goods sector of the so-called Montebelluna Sportsystem industrial cluster, in Italy’s northeast. Its general aim is to safeguard and transmit the cluster’s technical know-how to the new generations. The chairman of the new group is an experienced designer of sports shoes, Armando Cietto, founder and CEO of the Montebelluna-based AC Studio, assisted by Andrea Agostinetti as secretary general. The mission of the new group, which currently has 15 members, is to stimulate cultural and social activities within the Montebelluna district, while encouraging training, research and development, promotional initiatives, networking and innovation across the sector. The group’s activities will revolve in particular around digitalization, 3D design, new materials, new technologies, innovation and sustainability.

Accademica Creativi Montebelluna is headquartered at the Museo dello Scarpone e della Scarpa Sportiva, the museum that showcases the cultural heritage of the district. It will operate in collaboration with CombinAzioni. The group has already set up a series of training webinars for 2021, partly aimed at promoting synergies within the territory. It is working on an internet platform. The “Sportsystem” industrial cluster of Montebelluna includes 15 municipalities in the province of Treviso. The area hosts around 350 large and small sports and outdoor-related manufacturers and companies that employ a combined staff of nearly 5,000 people. These companies account for an estimated 65 percent of the world’s production of ski boots, 80 percent of its production of motorcycle boots and 25 percent of the production of inline skates. The main export markets are France (17.3% of sales), Germany (13.9%), the U.S. (7.5%) and Spain (7%).