Nike and its Converse subsidiary have filed the biggest lawsuit of the kind, accusing the 186 operators of 589 websites as well as 676 social media accounts for allegedly infringing on various trademarks and attempting to sell “falsely labeled” counterfeit products under their own brand names and that of Nike’s Jordan brand. The filing was made in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Jan. 12. According to the complaint, the 589 websites are operating “a counterfeit scheme” via 42 separate networks based in China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other foreign jurisdictions. Not only do the defendants copy the designs, patterns and color schemes associated with the Nike group’s products, but they also “expressly identify the counterfeit products” with the group’s brand names, says the filing. The defendants also allegedly make unauthorized use of the plaintiffs’ marks throughout the infringing websites and social media, on which these goods are advertised or offered for sale to consumers in the U.S. The plaintiffs are asking that the court orders the defendants to halt all manufacture and sale of the counterfeit products, and to deliver all existing counterfeits for destruction.The request includes the seizure of all the domain names involved and the deactivation of the social media identities being used. Nike also seeks damages for each infringing domain name.