In a recent interview with the French newspaper Ouest France, Rossignol’s chief executive, Bruno Cercley, warned about the dramatic situation that the French ski industry is facing because of the pandemic and related restrictions. Ski facilities are currently closed in France, whereas they are open in some other countries, including Austria and the U.S. Rossignol’s factory in Sallanches, Haute-Savoie, which normally produces more than one million pairs of skis per year, has halted production. “The damage is done,” said Cercley, stressing that Rossignol’s revenues have already dropped by 40 percent. However, the 61-year-old executive hopes for a reopening of France’s ski resorts in February, since that month alone accounts for nearly 50 percent of the activities of the overall season. The French government is expected to officially announce on Jan. 20 whether the ski resorts will open again, and if so when.