Sport England has unveiled “Uniting the Movement,” a new ten-year strategy by the government agency to transform lives and communities in England through sports and physical activity. The new vision primarily seeks to tackle inequalities in sport and physical activity, which coronavirus-related disruption in 2020 has further highlighted, according to Sport England. A particular emphasis will indeed be placed on helping children and young people get back involved in sports. The crisis has ”reinforced or even exacerbated” inequalities, for example around socio-economic status and ethnicity, Sport England explains, and the need to tackle these inequalities has grown stronger than ever. Uniting the Movement was shaped over the past 18 months through extensive consultation with a wide range of partners and other stakeholders. The strategy revolves around the “five big issues” that Sport England sees as having the greatest potential for preventing and tackling inequalities in sports and physical activity. These include: recover and reinvent; connecting communities; positive experiences for children and young people; connecting with health and wellbeing; and the development of active environments.