UKactive has announced the launch of its Digital Futures strategy, in partnership with Sport England, to improve the digital processes used by fitness and leisure operators. The strategy will support them with the latest benchmarking tools, providing guidance and insight to modernize and grow. Digital Futures is part of UKactive’s work to support the recovery and development of the sector. The starting point will consist in evaluating the sector’s digital maturity and effectiveness across dozens of digital measures. This will provide a reference point from which to chart progress in meeting emerging consumer demands. In practical terms, the first step begins with the opening of a consultation for UKactive members in order to identify the challenges and opportunities facing operators across the sector. Operators are invited to measure their digital maturity and effectiveness by answering a set of questions, designed by Rewrite Digital, which translate into a digital maturity score. The survey will remain open until Sept. 8. Recommendations from this consultation will be presented at the UKactive Conference on Oct. 13.