Lowa Sportschuhe's total sales increased from €107 million in 2009 to €132 million last year. The figures include those of the company's subsidiaries in the U.S. and Switzerland, and were partly boosted by new distribution contracts in Switzerland. The turnover of the Lowa brand alone jumped from €92 million to €113 million. For the first time ever, Lowa made and sold more than 2 million pairs of shoes. Unit sales went up from 1.8 million pairs in 2009 to 2.02 million pairs last year, and another increase is expected for the current year: In March, the order books were filled with 1.83 million pairs compared with 1.33 million a year earlier. Germany continues to be by far the most important market for the company with a contribution of 47 percent to the total sales followed by Switzerland (13 percent), the Benelux countries (9 percent), Austria (8 percent), the U.S. (6 percent) and France (5 percent). (More in The Outdoor Industry Compass.)