Maier Sports, the German sports apparel firm acquired by the Findors Investor equity firm in August 2011, reports an increase of 11 percent in pre-orders for the coming autumn/winter season. Pre-orders of its skiwear collection were stable as compared to the previous autumn/winter season. In the framework of a shrunken total German skiwear market, this implies an increase in the company's market share. Pre-orders of Maier's outdoor collection grew by a double-digit figure. The outdoor segment now represents about half of the German sports apparel firm's total sales, up from 20 percent three years ago. Maier Sports already reported a strong increase of 29 percent in pre-orders for this year's spring/summer season. Exports to Russia, Austria and Switzerland will increase considerably as compared to the same period of the previous year. Maier Sports has ended relations with 156 retailers and started to work with 111 new retail partners for the coming autumn/winter season.