Adidas AG is making fast progress with the integration of the Reebok brand. Having bought out Reebok’s Chinese and Russian distributors over the last months, the company is preparing to seal at least two other similar agreements before the end of the year.

In the USA, a joint chief operating officer, Dan Brausch, has been appointed to oversee the integrated back-office functions for Adidas and Reebok in North America. Brausch started with Reebok in 1995. In his most recent role as vice president and general manager of Reebok Latin America, he lead the sales, marketing, product and finance function for that region.

On the European side, Adidas and Reebok are completing their integration in Germany and they will move in together in Italy at the end of the month. Reebok’s Italian staff, previously seated in Agrate Brianze, will move to Adidas Italy’s office in Monza, just a few miles away on the outskirts of Milan. The Italian subsidiary will he led by Umberto Pieraccioni, head of Adidas Italy, while André Bruere will continue to supervise the Reebok business.

In the UK, up to 250 staff people should be relocated from Reebok’s site in Lancaster to other Reebok and Adidas offices. The administrative staff for both brands will work together at the current Adidas UK site in Stockport, while Reebok’s sales and marketing staff will move to a separate site known as the Reebok Stadium in Bolton.

In another move, Adidas has appointed John Price, former head of apparel at Adidas Japan, to head up Reebok’s apparel business from the beginning of August. In this new position Price is reporting to John Frascotti, head of sports performance at Reebok.

Among the latest moves to rebuild the brand, Reebok has signed an agreement with a lippy actress, Scarlett Johansson. On the performance side it had already added the football star Thierry Henry to its roster and a recently signed a rising American football player, Vince Young.