Manuel Freixas, an influential publisher in the Spanish sporting goods sector, passed away on May 30, following a long illness. He was 68 years old. Back in 1982, after working for a magazine called Turisport, Freixas co-founded Diffusion Sport, which remained for many years the only major Spanish B2B publication in the sporting goods sector, with the backing of many important brands. Known for his rigorous principles, Freixas led it until 2015, when he sold it to a large Spanish publishing group, Peldaño. His influence in the sector went well beyond this magazine as two of the most talented collaborators whom he had attracted to his own company subsequently left and founded two rival B2B magazines, CMD Sport and Tradesport. The latter one, which is associated with a market research company, Sport Panel, is run by one of Freixas’ early partners in Diffusion Sport. Freixas was also one of the early supporters of the European Sporting Goods Intelligence project when it was born in 1989, actively participating in a European information network that helped its launch.