According to a recent panel survey by the French federation of specialist retailers (Procos), specialist retailers across all sectors in the country suffered a 31.8 percent sales decline in the first half of the year as compared with the same period in 2019, but their online sales grew by 50 percent. Sport specialist retailers saw their sales decline by 20.8 percent, but their revenues from e-commerce jumped by 85 percent. Procos and Ernst & Young have jointly released a white-paper for decision-makers, entitled “Commerce spécialisé: une chance pour la France” (Specialist Retailers: An Opportunity for France), in which they assess the impact of the coronavirus health crisis on the sector and highlight measures that could help it survive the crisis. The recommended measures revolve around four main areas: promoting and supporting social and environmental responsibility through subsidies or tax credits; promoting and supporting digital transformation and innovation among all retailers; helping local communities and authorities through specific policies; and, finally, supporting French retail start-ups.