Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS) reports that somehow in the age of Covid-19 and despite the course closures in November, rounds of golf played in the U.K. during the fourth quarter of 2020 were up year-on-year by 41 percent. They were already up in the third quarter by 59 percent. The growth figure for 2020 as a whole is 12 percent. “None of this has happened by accident,” says Richard Payne, director of SMS. The “golf courses and governing bodies have worked to generate these results.” The All Party Parliamentary Group For Golf (APPGG), for instance, has been lobbying chief medical officers throughout the country, presenting epidemiological evidence that golf is safe to play during the pandemic. On the other hand, travel restrictions prompted by the pandemic may have discouraged British players to go to Spain and other warmer locations to play golf, in our opinion. SMS has been operating the Rounds Played Monitor in the U.K. for about 20 years.