The Norwegian sporting goods market as already gone up by 7 percent, as previously reported. Cold weather, abundant snow and restrictions on foreign travel helped the major Norwegian sporting goods retail chains to book a sales increase of almost 25 percent to 3.3 billion Norwegian kroner (€1.3bn-$1.6bn) in the first three months of 2021 as compared to a snow-poor quarter a year ago. The increase took place in spite of the fact that the sports stores had to stay closed in some areas of the country because of Covid-19. They could be replaced by online sales only in part, according to the Norwegian sports industry association, Sportsbransjen, which has yet to calculate the performance of pure e-tailers. In particular, sales of cross-country skis grew by almost 30 percent to 330,000 pairs during the past season, according to the association, while sales of alpine skis were strong at a level of 110,000 pairs. Skates, snowshoes, warm clothing and general outdoor equipment also sold well. Shortages of skates and home fitness equipment have occurred. Sales of bicycles picked up in March. Very good sales of bikes and running shoes have been reported in the second quarter so far. Exacerbated by higher freight costs, delays are being experienced in deliveries of bikes.