Sport does not figure among the chief product categories in Spanish e-commerce. So says the latest edition of an annual study put out by Elogia, a Spanish digital marketing agency, and IAB Spain, which claims to be the world’s largest association of communications, advertising and digital-marketing agencies. Some 25.8 million Spaniards aged 16 to 70 shop online, says the report. Of these, 32 percent purchase sporting goods online, whereas 56 percent buy fashion items and 44 percent buy shoes over the internet. The top categories are technology (60%) and entertainment and culture (59%). In the first half of this year, 20 percent of the internet buyers purchased sporting goods, down slightly from a year ago. The category’s conversion rate for the period hovered around 3 percent, much like the general figure. Marija Marjanovic, director of the study’s sponsor, Publicidad de Adevinta Spain, believes that the results should motivate companies to “set the user at the center and think in terms of omnichannel sales.” She also believes that sustainability is gaining in value among internet shoppers.