The Inseec Group, one of the major French business schools with nine campuses in France and abroad, has launched Inseec Sport, with the objective of attracting 350 students in the first year, rising to 1,000 after three years.

The project calls for the opening of 20 programs at the various campuses in the next three years, comprising bachelor-degree courses in France with sessions in Geneva and London, as well as graduate-level courses with sessions in Shanghai and San Francisco. They will give students the possibility to go through the different programs for up to five years.

Many of the courses will be held in English (SEE ABOVE?), growing from 20 to 50 percent of them in the third year of the project Courses run entirely in English are planned to be held at its campus in Monaco. There is also a special project for a master's degree course that would take the students through Paris, London and Shanghai.

Inseec Sport will cover sports marketing, the sporting goods industry, and sports organization and governance, which together represent annual revenues of about €800 billion and employ an estimated five million people around the world.

The project will be led by Michel Desbordes, a French university professor and consultant for some major sports brands, and Pascal Aymar, a consultant who has been involved in the sporting goods industry for 35 years. Both of them previously worked for the graduate-level course on management in the sporting goods sector of another major French business school, EMLyon, which has a growing number of students from all over the world at a new campus in Paris. Desbordes, who is also the editor of the International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, will assume the role of academic director. Aymar, who previously led the EMLyon graduate course, will act as development director of Inseec Sport.

Inseec Sport already has partnerships with the Shanghai University of Sport and the Russian International Olympic University. With 22,000 students, including about 4,800 foreigners, and an annual budget of €220 million, Inseec claims to be the largest private higher education institute in France.