Andreas Rudolf, joint general manager of Sport 2000 Germany, is taking over on Nov. 1 as president of the Sporting Goods Industry Data Harmonization Organization (SGI-DHO), the company that owns the Fedas product classification key (PCK), a six-digit code that is widely used in our industry, mainly in Europe. Rudolf is taking the place of Marius Rovers after two years in the post.

Rovers previously served as chief operating office at Intersport International Corp. (IIC) and as a member of Sport 2000 International's supervisory board. The Dutch sporting goods industry veteran has been working mainly as a consultant since he stopped running Euretco Sport in the Netherlands in 2009.

The Fedas PCK, which now covers over 10,000 product classification keys, was initiated in 1997 by the European Federation of Sporting Goods Retail Associations (Fedas) to help analyze retail sales data and standardize product data for electronic data interchange between vendors and retailers. The organization was restructured and changed its name to SGI-DHO in September 2016 because its activities were no longer limited to Europe.

SGI-DHO says that Rovers has been very supportive in ensuring that the Fedas PCK further evolves to cover the changing requirements the sporting goods industry is facing through the increasing importance of e-commerce and to enable more accurate data analysis. The related changes will be communicated in the coming month.

New members have also been appointed to SGI-DHO's board of directors. Stefan Nicolai, head of Stock & Data Management at Intersport Germany is replacing Kim Roether, the former chief executive of the German retail organization, who left last June. Erika Schuh, business analyst at Sport 2000 International is replacing Andreas Rudolf who is now president of SGI-DHO.

The other board members are Martin Kuenzi, Markus Rist and Ulf Hallman. Kuenzi is the chief financial officer of IIC. Rist is senior director of supply chain operations at IIC, and he also manages the office of SGI-DHO. Hallman owns Btwentyfour, an omni-channel internet platform that is used by Intersport, Sport 2000 and many leading sporting goods and fashion brands.