Nike is going to drop its sponsorship deal with the Livestrong Foundation, the charity organization started by cyclist Lance Armstrong, ending a nine-year relationship. The decision came in the wake of Armstrong's doping scandal, after a U.S. anti-doping agency stripped the cyclist of his Tour de France titles in light of evidence that he had used performance-enhancing substances. The company cut ties with Armstrong himself as an endorser in October. Armstrong stepped down as the foundation's chairman of the board last year, then was ousted from the board altogether. Nike, Livestrong's main corporate backer, will stop manufacturing Livestrong-brand shoes and apparel at the end of this year. The U.S. brand, however, said that it will continue to fund the charity directly in its work to help people facing cancer. Nike helped raise over $100 million for the charity, mostly through the sale of more than 87 million yellow rubber Livestrong bracelets that cost $1 each. In May, Livestrong launched an advertising campaign promoting its new buzzword, StillStrong, and reminding people that the charity is still offering free services to cancer patients.