Nikita exhibited for the first time under the new ownership of the Pretty Great Group at the Bright fashion show, held during the Berlin Fashion Week on June 28-30 at Arena Berlin. Amer Sports sold off its two brands of boardsports clothing, Nikita and Bonfire, in May 2015 to Pretty Great, a subsidiary of a Singapore-based company, CNR Pte.

Under the new ownership, the aim is to reconnect the Nikita brand with what it made successful before it was taken over by Amer. The new approach is to offer more quality, placing the brand in a higher price segment. The same factories will take care of production, using better materials. The production model is built to order, i.e. the company only places orders at the factory when receiving orders from clients.

The Pretty Great Group, which is led by Rob Meyers since April 2015, also owns the Bonfire brand, previously owned by Amer Sports, as well as the Sessions snowboard brand, which was acquired by CNR in 2014. Meyers launched his own brand of lifestyle apparel, Slvdr, in 2008.

Meanwhile, new managers have been appointed by Pretty Great to work for all its brands, and at least two of them come from the Quiksilver group. Last November, Dave Kozak was appointed for the position of global sales director. Kozak worked as sales director for DC, Quiksilver and Roxy in the U.S., before he joined the Pretty Great Group. In February, Sebastian Hahn joined the German subsidiary of Pretty Great, which was set up in July 2015, as sales and marketing manager. He worked previously for DC, Quiksilver and Roxy as marketing manager.

In May, Tim Swart joined Pretty Great in the U.S. as marketing director. Swart worked in the '90s for the Airwalk brand, before he opened his own boardsports retail store in Encinitas, California.

Nikita is being sold again in Spain, where the company is back in business with its old distributor, Rodart, who sold the brand in the Spanish market before it was taken oven by Amer in 2011.

Nikita, Bonfire and Sessions will exhibit at next year's Ispo show in Munich.