Operating entirely within Spain, Sprinter has become the top banner of the Iberian Sports Retail Group, a joint venture between JD Sprinter and Sport Zone that is now entering its third year of operation. Store totals per banner have changed significantly over this time. At present, however, the group counts 355 offline stores under the Sprinter, JD Sports, Sport Zone and Size banners. This is a net gain of 21 units from December 2018. Sprinter has the most stores with 176, all in Spain. Sport Zone follows with 95, all in Portugal. Sport Zone's former Spanish stores are now operating under the Sprinter banner. JD Sports – now the group's only bi-national brand – has 61 in Spain and 22 in Portugal, for a total of 83. JD Sports Fashion's Size banner continues to operate a single store, in Madrid. In terms of sales, the group's stores improved their collective results by 6.28 percent year on year. Sprinter and JD Sports performed best. Sprinter, in fact, has supplanted Sport Zone in every way. The latter once held a plurality of the store count, with about 43 percent. Sprinter is now closing in on 50 percent, with Sport Zone declining to 27 percent. JD Sports, meanwhile, has risen to 23 percent and could soon become the group's number two banner. All four of Iberian Sports Retail Group's banners operate e-commerce sites as well.