Two strong Nordic e-commerce players, Fjellsport from Norway and Outnorth from Sweden, are merging. Both Fjellsport and Outnorth are leaders in their respective local markets, and the merger is expected to drive further consolidation of their position in the outdoor segment, although Outnorth has a wider range of products.

Fjellsport and Outnorth will continue to act as independent brands and online stores toward their customers. Their warehouses will remain in Norway and Sweden to ensure fast deliveries to all customers.

Outnorth's chief executive, Harald Ennen, will continue as CEO of Outnorth, while also taking on a new role as CEO of the new combined group. Eric Sandtrø will continue as CEO of Fjellsport.

Outnorth's sales in 2017 amounted to 427 million Swedish kronor (€41.6m-$47.7m) and Fjellsport's corresponding figure was approximately SEK 300 million (€29.2m-$33.5m). The turnover of the new e-commerce group is expected to exceed SEK 1 billion (€97.5m-$111.6m) in 2019.