Adidas has launched a “digital festival” for its loyalty program. Creators Club Week runs for seven days from Oct. 13 and is, according to the  company, the first event of its kind. Adidas’ “global member community” will be privy to the company’s largest single introduction of exclusive and limited-edition shoes, with more than 70 models, and to about 30 raffles, whose prizes include items designed by the likes of Paolina Russo or signed by such athletes as the footballer Paul Pogba. Brand ambassadors will be addressing the management of plastic waste and innovation, while the model Karlie Kloss will be joining Adidas’ vice president of global brand strategy, James Carnes, to launch the UltraBoost DNA Loop, a running shoe made from a single material. Members will have a chance to “earn the shoes” and “help shape the future” of “Made to be Remade,” the circular-economy initiative of which the shoes are a part.