Adidas has ranked 7th in “The 2021 Global RepTrak 100,” a ranking of corporate reputation for companies with global revenues above $2 billion, compiled by The RepTrak Company, a reputation data and insights company based in Boston. Lego Group has taken the top spot, followed by Rolex, in the second position and by Ferrari. Besides Adidas, the other sporting goods companies that made it to The 2021 Global RepTrak 100 are Nike in the 22th position and Under Armour in the 45th spot. RepTrak assesses how people feel and act toward companies through so-called “Reputation Scores.” For the 2021 ranking, it analyzed reputation data for more than 2,000 companies, and collected answers through online surveys from 68,577 respondents across the 15 largest economies in the world between December 2020 and January 2021. The company’s proprietary RepTrak model is largely considered as a global standard for measuring the companies’ reputation, across industries and geographies, through data science models and machine learning techniques. Established in 2004, RepTrak claims to own the world’s largest reputation benchmarking database with over 1 million company ratings per year, used by business leaders in more than 60 countries.