Through its founder, Carsten Thode, Aphetor has put together a series of games for internet influencers in the hopes of appealing to Gen Z. According to Thode, this has entailed “stripping back how we traditionally consume sport and creating an ecosystem” in which influencers can “compete, capture their own content, and share it with their audiences on their own platforms.” There will be six teams of five – three of them to be eliminated during the first two days. The games are set to begin on Sept. 15 in Snowdonia, the mountains of northwestern Wales in the U.K. Rather than hold an opening ceremony, the sports entertainment company will place a QR code on a beach near the games for the public to scan for access. The hosts will be the YouTubers Chunkz and Yung Filly and the Fulham Ladies footballer Chelcee Grimes. Among the competitors for this inaugural year are Amelia Gething, known for her TikTok channel; Tim Champion, Ninja Warrior champion for the U.K.; David Nelmes, world parkour champion; and Donel Mangena, runner-up in 2018 on The Voice.