Asics has started a new research project about the “positive impact of sport on mental wellbeing” – in keeping, as its press release notes, with the source of its brand name: the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano” (sound mind in sound body). The Japanese company will be tracking biometrics through the brain pathways of thousands of subjects around the world. The project follows a preliminary study – from Dec. 1, 2020, to Jan. 7,2021 – with such athletes as Beth Potter, the British Olympic runner and European triathlon champion. In charge is Dr. Brendon Stubbs, who studies exercise and mental health at King’s College in London. Initial results suggest that a “short amount of physical activity” produces an “overall emotional uplift” in “everyday athletes.” They were up to 29 percent better at handling stress, 18 percent more relaxed, 28 less prone to make rash decisions or snap over disruptions, and less subject to frustration in general. They also displayed 26 percent faster brain processing, up to 21 percent better memory and up to 58 percent less cognitive stress. Everyday athletes showed greater improvement than professionals both emotionally and cognitively. Asics and some of its sponsored athletes – among them Sara Hall, Deena Kastor and Taliyah Brooks – are now inviting people around the world to take part. Details are available at