Asics EMEA has announced the launch of the Asics Tennis Academy, a virtual community platform to support tennis coaches. Experts, who according to Asics include elite coaches, strength trainers, physiotherapists and sports psychologists, will exchange customized training videos and articles to further professional training on a broad level. Research has shown that 90 percent of tennis players rely on the recommendations of their instructor to improve their game. However, many coaches are hardly in a position to keep up to date with their training methods. At the same time, Asics wants to support coaches in helping the players to choose the right shoes. As Rene Zandbergen, head of product innovation at Asics Europe, puts it: “Tennis shoes may all seem the same, but there is specific technology in each shoe that supports and protects the natural movement of the foot, which is why it is so important to play in the right shoe, to stay injury free. By connecting with coaches all over Europe, we hope to make it easy for them to identify playing style and make the right recommendation to their players.”