Casio Computer and Asics Corp. have announced the launch of Runmetrix, a new personal coaching service for runners, from beginner level to experienced runner. The service will begin on March 4 in Japan. Runmetrix combines an app, a motion sensor, and a G-Shock watch to match the goals and levels of individual runners. The motion sensor allows the app to gauge more than 20 different indicators related to running, which are translated into components that are easy to understand. The Runmetrix app allows running characteristics to be visualized and suggests practice programs and points for improvement. The two companies are currently considering the possibility of establishing a joint company to more actively promote the concept. Meanwhile, Asics and Casio are also planning to expand into health fields beyond running. Thus, in a second stage, the two companies will offer the Walkmetrix app, a new service for walking, which is scheduled for launch in October in Japan. Moreover, the two companies want to promote a sports and wellness society, for example by supporting efforts by local governments toward healthful community building. “Runmetrix” and “Walkmetrix” are trademarks held by Casio Computer.