Asics has unveiled two high-performance running shoes, the Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge. The shoes were presented at Asics’ Innovation Summit 2021, the brand’s annual showcase of new performance sports products, which was hosted for the first time by taking guests on a personalized, interactive virtual reality journey. The two new models are based on what the brand describes as “human-centric design.” The Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge have each been engineered by scientists at the Asics Institute of Sport Science (ISS) with a distinct type of running style in mind. The Metaspeed Sky is designed for “stride” runners, those with a long-loping pace with large periods spent airborne to increase their speed by extending their stride length. The Metaspeed Edge is designed for those with a “cadence” style with smaller steps. Cadence runners typically increase their speed by both extending their stride length and increasing the number of steps they take per minute. The stride and cadence styles are the two most prevalent running styles among elite runners. The two shoe models have been optimized to improve the runner’s performance for each of these two major running styles, Asics explained. Initial tests have shown that the new Metaspeed could help reduce the number of steps for a runner to finish a marathon by more than 1.2 percent, helping elite runners reach peak performance, the company claims. The Metaspeed Sky has been available globally via the Asics website and select specialty retail stores since March 31, while the Metaspeed Edge will be available from June 4. The company invites interested people to experience the new shoes in its virtual innovation lab, complete with a diagnostic tool to understand the type of runner they are, available as a web experience at